THISG is a Brain Injury Support Group for the Charleston, and Tri-county area. 
Hello! My name is
Robert Lamar Durland Sr.
I'm a survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury
Every day the author of Time Never Stops; I Am A Survivor considers the lives of those struggling; he sees the reflection of his life. Through his sincere desire to share and support others, who are struggling and suffering as he once did, he gives God the honor and glory. Also, through God's glory, he simultaneously recognizes the value of understanding brain injuries, mental disorders, including addictions, and learned behaviors. So many individuals do not appreciate that these things are not mutually exclusive. They think people who struggle with addictive disorders cannot be earnestly trying to walk in God's will. The author disagrees with this and believes God can help the person in recovery, in part, by improving their brain. He hopes we all have continued opportunities to share our life stories toward helping His children throughout the world — the author sincerely wishes the best for all that voluntarily share their life struggles, their success, and how God's timing was perfect.
Incidents can cause brain injury—mild or traumatic—not only by cutting off oxygen to the brain but because they are often accompanied by blunt-force trauma to the head.” 
“Having a brain injury was never the plan.” and
“A brain injury support group could be the best thing that ever happens to you.”